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Feb. 27, 2019



For brothers, real estate a family affair

By Janis Fontaine

Special to The Palm Beach Post


Brothers Michael and Andrew Leibowitz have mastered the South Florida real estate domain.  In the lush and lovely

neighborhoods where the wealthy like to buy second homes — Frenchman’s Creek, Old Palm, BallenIsles, Mirasol, Frenchman’s Reserve and Steeplechase — no one has more combined sales in these communities, collectively, than Leibowitz Realty Group.  “The Leibowitz Boys,” as they’re called, followed their father, Peter, into the real estate business, first managing apartment buildings in Connecticut.  Then in the early ’80s, Peter and Barbara, (the brother’s mom) went looking for a vacation home in Palm Beach County. They fell in love with the area, moving here permanently a short time later.  


Peter Leibowitz recognized the potential of the area and began buying and managing condominiums and apartments in West Palm Beach and North Palm Beach. Peter summoned the brothers south to Florida around 1990, and the Leibowitz machine took over the on-site resale division at the exclusive luxury gated community Frenchman’s Creek, where they bought and sold the 55 remaining lots. Now established, the three men diversified, opening their own brokerage. Their expanded focus included other distinctive neighborhoods — Steeplechase, Frenchman’s Creek, Mirasol, BallenIsles, Old Palm and Frenchman’s Reserve —where they’ve continued to be sales leaders year after year.  Michael, 54, older than Andrew by four years, says the family’s approach to business is simple. There are three critical factors: Hard work, commitment and integrity. Integrity is everything, because it means using discretion and having respect for the privacy of their high-profile clients. They’re careful to keep that confidence even if it means lost PR opportunities for the company.


When you call Leibowitz, you get a group of experts working together with a singular goal: Find a home the client will love or sell a home the client no longer wants. Either way, it’s about the client, and today’s clients expects a comprehensive business strategy. Their collaborative approach has earned Leibowitz Realty a reputation as the pre-eminent sales team in northern Palm Beach County’s luxury home market.  


How has the real estate market changed over the last 10-12 years?


Michael & Andrew: Technology has changed the playing field. Consumers have more data at their fingertips. We used to rely on fax machines. Now with electronic signatures, we can complete a transaction with a client who is on a cruise on the other side of the world. We show houses on FaceTime now... But there’s no substitute for seeing a house in person. Buying a house can be a very emotional experience.  


What’s your best advice for a house hunter?


Andrew: Make sure to do your due diligence, which really means doing your homework.  You have to weigh all the options, then decide. Make sure you are being represented by a professional who is knowledgeable about the area you’re interested in and who understands your needs, and who is looking out for your own best interests.  


What’s the best part of your job?


Michael: I get to work and spend time with my wife, Miki ... She has a great business sense and she’s outstanding at marketing. Businesswise, I always get such satisfaction when I make someone happy. That look of gratitude. They really appreciate all the work we’ve done.  


What’s the worst part of your job?


Andrew: I don’t see anything as the “worst” part. There are always challenges in any career. The deal is never over until it is closed.  


What are the qualities a Realtor needs to be successful?


Andrew and Michael: We would say you need persistence and a little bit of obsessiveness. You have to eat, sleep  and drink the business. You have to be constantly thinking of new ways to get your desired result.  In our experience, something that has worked for us is we don’t celebrate the deal we just made. We do volume and are already focused on the next deal. We’re a soft-sell. We really try to build relationships with our clients which, thankfully, over the years has resulted in a lot of repeat business. 


How do you balance career and family?


Michael: I FaceTime with my two kids a lot. I just FaceTimed this morning with my daughter who is studying communications in Barcelona. I spend a lot of time with my two kids.


What’s the strangest request a client has made?


Andrew: It’s not strange but some may find it unusual. People move around a lot. We’ve had clients move within the same neighborhood because they want a different view or a different exposure or a different style.


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Feb. 12, 2019

Tips to Spruce up Your Palm Beach Gardens Oceanfront Property


Tips to Spruce up Your Palm Beach Gardens Oceanfront Property

Make your Palm Beach Gardens oceanfront property as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside with these handy tips for sprucing up your home. You’ll impress your guests, enhance the everyday beauty of your life and complement your beautiful ocean views.

Here’s how you can spruce up your Palm Beach Gardens Oceanfront Property:

Add molding and trim

Installing molding or trim is one of the top ways to spruce up any room and make it feel more luxurious. Crown molding (molding installed where the walls meet the ceiling) adds visual interest to a room, as does casing (a trim that frames windows and doors).

Install luxe flooring

High-quality flooring will up the wow factor of your oceanfront property. We particularly like patterned wood floors, like parquet or herringbone. Top woods to use include cherry, walnut, hickory, maple and birch. Other luxury materials for floors include leather tile, stone tile and high-end carpet.

Upgrade your window décor

To make the most of your stunning ocean views, replace ho-hum blinds or boring curtains with unique window drapes in sumptuous fabrics. Lighter colors are a better choice for oceanfront properties.

Eliminate clutter

The last tip is the easiest! Even if you aren’t in the market for major renovations at the moment, you can still spruce up your oceanfront home by making sure it’s uncluttered. Clean, open rooms convey a sense of luxury and allow your home to shine.

If you don’t yet own a Palm Beach Gardens oceanfront property, check out the luxury home listings available from the Leibowitz Realty Group. Make your dreams of luxury oceanfront living a reality. Call 561-627-5100 to speak with a realtor today!

Dec. 10, 2018

Reasons to Buy Waterfront Property in Juno Beach


Imagine breathing in ocean air every morning as you stand on your balcony with a sunrise cup of coffee. Imagine savoring dinner every evening with sunset views from your window or taking a dip in your pool while gazing out over the ocean. If you buy waterfront property, this dream could become a reality!

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy waterfront property in Juno Beach:

Just relax

There’s no doubt about it—being near water is calming and relaxing. Most people need to drive to the beach or a pool to enjoy these benefits, but if you purchase oceanfront property in Juno Beach, you can enjoy the relaxing properties of water from the comfort of your home!

Smart investment

The real estate site Zillow estimates that beachfront homes command a 143 percent premium over standard properties. What’s more, because it’s scarcer, oceanfront property tends to hang onto its value, even when the market is unstable.

Great community

Live in a community with miles of unspoiled coastline, a chilled-out vibe and great neighbors (including the sea turtles who make their home in the area). Whether your preferred outdoor activity is swimming, nature walks or just lounging in the sun, you’re sure to love Juno Beach.

If you’re dreaming of owning waterfront property in Juno Beach, check out the luxury home listings available through the Leibowitz Realty Group. For example, check out this stunner, which features exquisite ocean views from nearly every room, a fabulous outdoor entertaining area and a pool with a vista to the ocean. If you’re interested in this or any other property, call 561-627-5100 to speak with a realtor today!

Oct. 24, 2018

Benefits of Buying Jupiter Island Oceanfront Property

If you’re like us, living by the water has been a lifelong dream. Imagine drinking your morning coffee with the calming sight of the ocean through your window, enjoying sunsets along with your dinner, and having swimming, boating and fishing opportunities right outside your front door.

Living by the water is fun, but did you know that there are numerous additional benefits of buying Jupiter Island oceanfront property?

Health and wellness

Buying Jupiter Island oceanfront property will boost your health. First, the air quality is better. Secondly, your oceanfront location means that you have fewer excuses for getting outside and being active, whether your activity of choice is walking, running, stand-up paddling or something else. In addition, being near water is soothing, relaxing and good for your mental health.

Good investment

The real estate site Zillow estimates that beachfront homes command a 143 percent premium over standard properties. This is good news if you ever decide to resell your home! Moreover, oceanfront property tends to hold its value even in a volatile market.

Additional income

Do you spend part of the year elsewhere? You can earn significant additional income by renting your Jupiter Island oceanfront property to vacationers. Oceanfront properties tend to be easier to rent than homes that are further from the water.

Ready to purchase some oceanfront property on Jupiter Island? Check out the luxury home listings available through the Leibowitz Realty Group. With a wide variety of oceanfront listings in the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter area, we’re sure we can help you find your next home. Check out our listings online or call 561-627-5100 to speak with a realtor today!

Aug. 27, 2018

Beer Bash at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens

Hey, there! Do you like beer and live music? Well, who doesn’t!

Whether you live in the Palm Beach Gardens area or are just visiting, come on down to this year’s Beer Bash at the PGA National Resort & Spa, located at 400 Avenue of the Champions in Palm Beach Gardens.

On Saturday, September 8th, you’ll have the chance to sample more than 200 craft beers and hard ciders while enjoying live music and the chance to shop with a variety of local vendors. The party doesn’t stop after the Beer Bash—an afterparty will take place at PGA’s iBar right after the event.

If you’re a craft brewer yourself, enter the homebrew competition for a chance to win a two-night golf getaway at the PGA National Resort & Spa, including a delicious dinner for two at Ironwood Steak & Seafood.

Tickets are $39 in advance or $49 at the door and include three hours of unlimited tastings, shopping and live music beginning at 5 p.m. If you’re coming with a crew, you’ll be glad to know that groups of 12 or larger can get discounted admission at $35 per ticket.

While you’re in our lovely area, check out the luxury house listings available through the Leibowitz Realty Group. Whether you’re looking for a condo, a townhouse or a detached house, we’ve got the home of your dreams! With a wide variety of listings throughout the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter area, we’re one of the premier sources for finding your next home. Check out our listings online or call 561-627-5100 to speak with a realtor today!

June 25, 2018

Tips on Purchasing a Luxury Home

Tips on Purchasing a Luxury HomePotential home buyers who are looking into purchasing a luxury home know exactly what they are looking for. They want something a cut above the rest, something they can enjoy and show off. But if you are looking for a luxury home, you can’t just stumble into finding one. There is a science in knowing what to look for. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Do Your Homework

You don’t want to go blindly into your home search. Instead spend some time researching before you even meet your real estate agent. Think about your price range and the type of house that you are looking for. Then, spend some time researching agents and checking out their websites. Their sites usually have pictures of homes they are currently representing. See if any of them impress you.

Take Your Time

Unless you fall absolutely in love with a home, don’t feel any pressure to rush the home buying process. This is a significant investment, and it should not be taken lightly. You never want to settle for a home only to have buyer’s remorse soon after signing the paperwork. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a couple of houses, do your homework on those properties with a careful eye on potential construction that could hamper the privacy or the views that your new home may offer in the future.

Don’t Rely on Photos

No matter how busy you think you may be, always make it a point to see any potential homes in person rather than relying on photos. Photos can be touched up and taken at angles that can make the house look better and bigger than it might look in person. Another good idea is searching the property on Google Earth, so you can see what’s around the home before visiting.

Home Inspections

Luxury homes are often fancier and more advanced than the typical dwelling, both in the construction and with some of the wiring and electronics that may be included throughout. Find a thorough and highly reviewed home inspector that specializes in luxury homes to ensure that everything is up-to-date.

Think About Resale Value

Sure, you might be in love with your potential home but that doesn’t mean that you will want to stay in it for the rest of your life, so consider a home that brings with it a solid resale value. Consider this: while you might like the gothic architectural features or elaborate ornamentations in a potential home, it doesn’t mean a future buyer will feel the same. Resale is something to keep in mind no matter how much you love the house.

If you are looking for a luxury home in the Palm Beach or Jupiter area, consider the resources provided by Leibowitz Realty Group. We are all about building relationships and ensuring that finding your dream house is an easy and enjoyable experience. Check out our listings today and contact us by calling 561-627-5100 with any questions you may have!


April 26, 2018

Parks in Palm Beach Gardens FL

One of the best parts about purchasing a home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is that you will have immediate access to a long list of parks in the area. Whether you want to find a park where you can walk your dog or find a park where you can get some exercise, there are plenty of options for you. Check out a few of the best parks located in Palm Beach Gardens and think about how great it will be to visit these parks once you buy a home in the area.

Burns Road Community Recreation Campus

Are you looking for a fun place to take your kids or grandkids? This park has everything you’ll need to enjoy yourself on a warm afternoon. From playground equipment and a multipurpose trail to picnic tables and a pavilion, you will have a blast when you spend a few hours hanging out at this park.

Gardens Park

Sitting adjacent to the City Hall Complex, this is the park you’ll want to visit if you have kids or grandkids who play sports. There are fields for youth baseball and softball and all kinds of amenities for those taking in a game, including a concession stand, picnic tables, and so much more.

Lilac Park

This park has something for everyone in it—even your dog! There are baseball and softball fields, exercise equipment, a multipurpose trail, a pavilion, a playground, and a dog park that has a “little dog” area for those with dogs under 30 pounds. Located right off Military Trail, this park is perfect for those who plan to bring their entire families along.

PGA National Park

Don’t be fooled by this park’s name. It’s not just for golfers! The park has baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, a disc golf course, fishing, playground equipment, and so much more. It’s a great place to come to play or to come to enjoy a nice picnic with your loved ones.


As you can see, there will be no shortage of parks when you move to Palm Beach Gardens. Leibowitz Realty Group can help you find the home of your dreams in the area. Check out our listings or call us at 561-627-5100 to set up an appointment with one of our experienced realtors.

Feb. 16, 2018

2018 Honda Classic Golf Tournament in Palm Beach County

For almost 50 years now, the Honda Classic has been the premier professional golf tournament in south Florida. Every year, many of the top golfers in the world congregate for a week’s worth of golf and entertainment, and this year will be no different. The 2018 Honda Classic will take place from February 19 through February 25 at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens. Defending champion Rickie Fowler will attempt to win a title for a second straight year, but he’s definitely going to face some tough competition out on the golf course.

Would you like to attend this event? Ground tickets, hospitality packages, and more are available at the moment, and when you attend the Honda Classic, it won’t take you long to see why it has turned into such a big event in Palm Beach Gardens. The field is always filled with world-class golfers, and there are also a ton of events that take place throughout the week to keep fans engaged. The Honda Classic has a rich history, and you will be a part of that history when you show up to see what it’s all about.

Outside of hosting the Honda Classic every year, Palm Beach Gardens also serves as Florida’s golf capital.

If you love to golf, then you will love the courses the city has to offer, and you will get to take advantage of the golfing throughout it whenever you want. There are people who flock to this part of Florida from all over the country specifically in search of some of the best golf on the planet. Whether you maintain a full-time residence in Palm Beach Gardens or simply stay during the winter to reap the benefits of the beautiful weather, you will love everything about living here.

Leibowitz Realty Group specializes in finding homes for those interested in living in one of the many luxurious homes located in Palm Beach County. Scroll through the listings we have available now to see what you like. Call us at 561-627-5100 today to schedule a showing or ask questions about any of the homes for sale in the area!

Jan. 2, 2018

Why You’ll Want to Live in Jupiter Florida

Are you looking to make a move to Florida? There are plenty of great cities throughout the state to choose from, but Jupiter, Florida, is quite simply one of the best places to live in the country. It won’t take you long at all to see why Coastal Living once called Jupiter one of the happiest seaside towns in America. It has so much to offer, and you will absolutely love living in Jupiter once you move there.Jupiter Florida Real Estate

While the population of Jupiter has increased by 150 percent since 2000, there isn’t a lot of hustle and bustle in the city. It’s a very easygoing place to live, and you will find it to be low-key enough to slow down and relax. Jupiter is filled with lots of beaches, inlets and waterways, and more, so if you’ve always thought about living near water, Jupiter is the perfect place for you. There are also many parks, art festivals and other events in Jupiter throughout the year.

One of the other great things about Jupiter is that it has a range of different real estate options.

From homes located in gated communities and country clubs to homes located right on the water, you’ll have your choice of luxury homes when you move to Jupiter. Once you settle into your beautiful home, you will see all of the benefits of living in Jupiter and wonder why you didn’t move there sooner.

If you are interested in checking out what Jupiter is all about, Leibowitz Realty Group would love to show you some of the premier homes in the area. You can check out our current listings or call us at 561-627-5100 today to schedule an appointment with us to see some of the homes in Jupiter!

Nov. 1, 2017

Premier Golfing in Palm Beach Gardens

If you love to golf, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is the place to be since its Florida's golf capital! With plenty of different premium golf courses to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorite spot or enjoy frequenting them all, especially since PGA and LGPA superstars love the Palm Beaches! So what are some of the best courses to visit? If you love to golf, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is the place to be since its Florida golf capital.

Sandhill Crane Golf Club

Sandhill Crane Golf Club offers a challenging but beautiful course experience! Set in the Loxahatchee Nature Preserve, this Par 72 course was recently redesigned and renovated by golf architect firm Dusenberry Design in 2013. With its new irrigation system, Bermuda fairways, and TifEagle greens, the course is a prime golf destination for residents and visitors alike.

PGA National Resort and Spa

At PGA National Resort and Spa, luxury is the standard and golfing is the lifestyle. Here you’ll find five championship golf courses as well as a world-class spa, private state-of-the-art sports & racquet club and an exclusive private membership club at the heart of this community. PGA National is home to the world-renowned Honda Classic and features the legendary Bear Trap, considered one of the toughest stretches in golf!

Old Marsh Golf Club

Nestled among 456 acres of pristine Florida wetlands, Old Marsh Golf Club is a secluded sanctuary just 20 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport. The Pete Dye-designed, 18-hole championship golf course offers 7,000 yards of golf with TifEagle grass and breathtaking views.

Visiting can be great, but there’s nothing like being part of these luxurious communities. For the best properties in the Palm Beach Gardens area, contact Leibowitz Realty Group and let us help you find your dream home!