Luxury Real Estate Agency in Palm Beach County, FL

More often than not, the success of a home sale hinges on the prowess of your real estate agent. When you’re selling a home, your agent is your direct connection to information on the market and local buyers, as well as your guide to what steps you need to take to cinch the most valuable offers.

If the property you're selling falls into the luxury category, there are a few distinctive qualities you need to look for when choosing the best real estate agent for the job.

1) Experience in the luxury market

The luxury real estate industry is an entirely different beast than the standard market. To ensure you’re making the most out of your sale, you need to find an agent who is experienced in selling luxury properties and familiar with the nuances of an upscale market.

A seasoned luxury real estate agent will have access to the latest luxury market trends and data, know the best staging and marketing techniques to highlight a home of your caliber, and practice the etiquette that’s expected when working with high-end clients (discretion, flexibility, etc.).

2) Marketing plans specific to each property

A qualified agent knows how and where to reach the luxury buyer pool. They’ll be informed on exactly what local luxury buyers are looking for in a high-end home and the best ways to advertise your property to highlight those features and amenities.

A luxury real estate agent should be able to present you with a marketing plan specifically designed to sell your property—not just any luxury home. This plan should incorporate both online and offline tactics. Competition in the luxury market is fierce, so it’s important to emphasize every element that can set your home apart on every forum high-end buyers will be using in their search.

3) Extensive network in the luxury real estate industry

Many professionals in the real estate industry assert that it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Even if that’s not always true, when you’re dealing with a sale of this much value, why take the chance?

Your luxury real estate agent needs to have the means to target and connect with the right audience. Look for agents who have cultivated strong relationships with other luxury clients, agents, and organizations. The more resources your agent has, the quicker your home will sell at the price you want.

With over 20 years of experience with home buyers and sellers in upscale Palm Beach County communities, no agency is better-equipped to handle the sale of your luxury property than Leibowitz Realty Group.

Our agents are known for their skill, professionalism, and rate of success in helping clients close on their ideal property or sale value. Contact a member of our team today to get started on the sale of your luxury home!