People are drawn to the ocean for many different reasons. Its vast and unknown depths give the ocean a mysterious nature. This seems to somehow give off the impression that near the water, opportunity rises with the ocean waves and anything feels possible.

Waterfront properties are a stunning and luxurious way to take advantage of everything the ocean has to offer, which is far more than impressive grandeur. There are actually a considerable number of health benefits to living near the water that you might not be aware of.

Check out a few of the positive ways oceanfront living contributes to your health and before you know it, you’ll be looking for your new luxury home right in Palm Beach County today!

1.) Reduce stress and anxiety.

There’s a reason that people looking for a relaxing, carefree vacation head to the islands or the coast. Humans instinctively react positively to water, so spending an extended amount of time in its vicinity results in the release of dopamine and serotonin—chemicals that cause happiness.

In fact, living near the ocean can also reduce feelings and symptoms of depression. The ocean air also contains negatively charged hydrogen ions that help absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels.

2.) Improve your respiratory system.

The salt in the ocean air has been proven to help clear out the lungs and make it easier for you to breathe. Salty air reduces flare ups in individuals with respiratory problems and reduces the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. It can also help relieve sinus pressure, so when you move to a waterfront property you can toss the nasal spray and just step outside and breathe in the fresh ocean air!

3.) Get more vitamin D.

You probably know that the suns rays are a primary source of vitamin D. But did you know that the sunlight reflected off the water gives you an even stronger dosage? Vitamin D is essential to maintaining good health. It helps strengthen bones, keep your immune system healthy, and boosts your energy!

4.) Salt is good for your skin.

Salt is a natural antibacterial—that’s why your school nurse always told you to gargle saltwater when you came in with a sore throat, to stave off infection. A dip in the ocean can help heal any of your cuts, wounds, and even ease some internal inflammation. Your skin will also benefit from the magnesium it absorbs from the ocean water. Magnesium helps with things like metabolism, muscle function, and more!

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