Waterfront Properties for Sale in Palm Beach County, FL

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of living somewhere you can smell the ocean breeze when you open the window in the morning? The draw of living on the water is obvious—beautiful views, relaxing atmosphere, quick and easy access to your favorite aquatic activities. The trick is finding a waterfront property that falls within your budget, meets your needs, and lives up to your dreamy expectations.

While that may sound like a challenge, it’s by no means an impossible task. If you’re starting your search for a waterfront property, keep these tips in mind to help you settle on the perfect spot!

1) Inspect the property closely.

Life on the water can do serious damage to a house that hasn’t been built for it. That’s why it’s especially important to have a thorough property inspection completed by a professional before buying. Make sure they look for issues commonly associated with waterfront properties, such as corrosion, mold/mildew, basement flooding (low foundation), utility access, etc.

2) Talk to the neighbors.

If you’ve haven’t lived on the water before, it’s easy to romanticize it. Talking to the people who live around the house you’re considering, and on the same body of water, is a good way to gain insight on what life there is really like. Ask them about any issues they’ve had with their properties, restrictions to water use, and what the community is like.

3) Look into insurance before you buy.

There are often insurance requirements and/or recommendations for waterfront property owners that go beyond standard home owner’s insurance. Especially in a climate like Florida’s, you will likely need flood, wind, and hazard insurance on top of a regular policy. These additional insurance costs can add up quickly, and therefore must be factored in to your budget and any offers you make.

4) Work with a real estate agent who is experienced in the waterfront property market.

Waterfront properties really are a specialty, which means you need someone with specialized knowledge to help you find and purchase the right one. An agent experienced in the local waterfront property market will know what to look for in a property, how to navigate the official and legal process of buying, and know what constitutes a good deal—and how to snag one for you.

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