Summer Closing Housing Preperations

After a too-short winter season spent in the beautiful Florida sun, are you heading back up north to spend time in your summer home? Whether you’ve owned a home in Florida for a while or you just recently purchased a luxury vacation home in Palm Beach Gardens, there are a few things you must do to properly prepare your home before leaving.

Before your departure, refer to this handy checklist:

Discontinue or forward any mail

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where your mail or deliveries are, so be sure to take care of your forwarding services ahead of time. Also, share your moving date with neighbors and friends so they can help monitor your home.

Change all batteries

Purchase backups if needed, so the person monitoring your home can grab the batteries for a quick fix. Check your smoke detectors, thermostat and alarm before leaving.

Secure entry ways

Check all windows and doors for defects and make sure the locking mechanisms are in good order. You’ll want your home fully secure while you’re away.

Address electrical issues

Power surges, typically from lightning strikes, are a common occurrence in Florida, especially during sporadic rain storms in the summer. The surge can enter your home through your phone, cable or data lines and destroy your electronics. To avoid this, you can unplug everything or contact an electrician.

Think about your home’s temperature and humidity

Dark, cool and moist environments are prime conditions for mold to grow. Try to keep your thermostat between 80 and 84 and allow some natural light to enter your home.

Secure outdoor space

If you have an outdoor area, make sure everything is safe by putting any pool furniture or lawn decorations in a garage or indoors. If you have hurricane shutters, install them or put them in a convenient place in case your neighbor or home monitor needs to put them up in the event of a storm.

Now that your mind is at ease, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your summer and come back to your vacation home safe and damage free next winter. During your time up north, you may even be able to convince friends and family members to join you in Palm Beach County’s elite community. If so, we would love to show them all that the area has to offer. Just have them give us a call at 561-627-5100.