As we delve into one of the last months of summer, many homeowners who are interested in putting their homes on the market are wondering whether now is still a good time to sell, or if they should wait until after Labor Day. For the most part, the general consensus amongst real estate experts seems to be that selling your home now is a great idea, especially if it is located in a great area, is structurally sound and already boasts excellent curb appeal.

While the spring season sees high prices and a plethora of competition, the summer inventory is much tighter – especially this year. That  being said, it is extremely important to understand that if you do decide to list during the summer, you want your home to be one of the best offerings available in the area – so price and condition should be of utmost importance.

During the summer, you will see many potential buyers who are very serious about purchasing a home quickly. Many of these buyers missed out during the spring seasons due to an unwillingness to increase their offers or simply experienced bad timing. Others are eager to settle into a new home so that they can get into a new school district before fall arrives. The more appealing and move-in-ready your home is, the quicker they will sign on the dotted line.

Just because this isn’t the most popular month to sell by industry standards does not mean that listing your home on the market right now can’t be a prosperous opportunity for you. Contact us today to get started on the listing process.

(Source: TheWashington Post)

(Posted by: Miki Leibowitz of Leibowitz Realty)