Buying A Home With Different Outdoor AmenitiesPurchasing a home is a big deal with at least a 30-year financial commitment. Before you close on your dream home, you first need to compile a list of "must haves" in order to find that dream home.

Most people want the basics, a large open floor plan, a couple of bathrooms, several bedrooms, a master en-suite, large kitchen, vaulted ceiling living room with lots of windows, and ample yard space.

Realtors who have been in the real estate business for a while are savvy at finding homes with these common "needs".

As the buyer, have you ever thought of thinking outside the box of what you'd like to have in your home?

You don't have to settle for the obvious basics of what makes a home a convenient one, as listed above.

For example, have you ever thought about a home with a backyard brick oven pizza? For those times of entertaining a lot of guests, wouldn't it be great to fire up some seriously delicious pizzas from the oven right in your backyard?

Hardscape rather than landscape is also becoming a trend.

Where the greener and plusher the grass the better was once a necessity, now buyers are looking for a hardscape, which includes decorative concrete pads, stone walls to separate the yard, and incorporating colorful tiles into the concrete.

Another trend we are seeing is built-in exterior storage so that it conceals to the exterior of the home.

Buyers are not looking for a good flow from space to space just within a home; this idea is extending to the outside as well. People want their outdoor space to feel cozy and inviting just like the inside.

Storage that is functional and beautiful to match with the exterior of the home is becoming a desire.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has properties with amenities that are not typical to most buyers, but the make the home truly unique.

When working on a "must have" list, as expert realtors in Palm Beach Gardens, we can help you look for homes that offer much more than the common amenities. Contact Leibowitz Realty Group at 561.262.0721 or 561.262.0722 today!