Moving can be a stressful time for anyone and when deciding on the location you want to take several things into consideration. The quality of life of a neighborhood is so important, and you must look at many elements to make the best choice for you and your family.

Here are just a few of the things to think about:

Housing Prices – Look at the housing market in a neighborhood. Do many homes stay on the market for too long, with the owners constantly lowering the price, accepting much less than the home’s value? A lot of this information is public record and easily accessible and real estate agents can also be of help. These areas might prove to be dicey investments for a home buyer, and you may want to avoid them.

A Neighborhood’s “Look” – If you are driving through a neighborhood and notice dirty streets, many “Out of Business” signs, poor public transit and a lack of amenities such as recreational spaces, restaurants and shops, you may be considering a neighborhood that is going downhill. Buying property here would create stress in your life as well as being a poor investment.

What is Nearby? – Look closely at what surrounds the area you are considering. Is your home on a landfill? Is there a lot of traffic and noise? Are you near a railroad or an airport, and in planes’ flight paths? Is there a power plant nearby, and are the streets in need of repair? Are there many empty buildings, or are they very run down? Is there too much commercial business and industry nearby? All these things are important things to consider.

A Neighborhood’s Pride – Look at other homes in the area. Are the properties uncared for, shabby, with broken fences, and gardens full of weeds? This is an indication of a lack of pride this community may have in their homes. Your home’s resale value will not be as great if it is surrounded by rundown properties.

Taking time and being patient when buying a new home is key. Don’t rush into anything, and consider the neighborhood you are moving into as well as the home you are interested in. This will be your neighborhood too, and you want to be proud of it.


Posted by: Miki Leibowitz of Leibowitz Realty)