You are in the home stretch. We know it has been a long process, but after a few more to-dos, the keys to your dream home will finally be in your possession.

Closing the deal on purchasing your "new" home requires the most tedious of tasks.

You will feel like you are signing your life away with all of the paperwork that requires your signature, but it is those documents that protect your investment into your new home.

Your realtor has been a lifesaver through the entire process thus far, and he/she will continue to be until the very end.

Now that the negotiating is over and the bank has approved all inspections and financials, here is a breakdown of what you need to do next.

Hire an attorney. Your attorney is a crucial component to making the sale legitimate and to ensure you are getting exactly what you are planning on paying for. The attorney will also handle the process of turning over the title, deed, and search and acts as a mediator for the realtor and the bank.

Take a final walk-through. This is typically done he day before closing where you and your realtor will walk through the property to make sure it is cleared out, all required work has been done and to just make sure the property is as it should be.

Day of closing. You will meet with your realtor and attorney to sign all of the paperwork and obtain your house keys. Once the closing has finished, the house is officially yours!

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