There is usually a point – somewhere in the second hour of digging a car out from a major snowstorm – that people really begin to consider a snowbird home.

This is especially true of people further along in life, like those who have retired or are at least near retirement, and no longer have children in the house. Owning a snowbird home is a great luxury that can improve quality of life, allowing those who love their home and the area where they set up roots to enjoy their current home during the nicer months, but giving them a place in the south to escape to when the weather turns south.

At Leibowitz Realty Group, we help our northern friends find snowbird homes all the time. Helping newcomers to Florida and the Palm Beach area find the perfect home is a passion of ours, and we work with countless clients each year to find a home that’s convenient and comfortable, and meets their expectations. Many of our snowbirds have the same questions before purchasing the second home, so let’s take a look at the common questions and considerations to keep in mind when looking for a wintertime home.

 Do You Know the Area?

This is the big question we always ask. While it’s nice to visit a place, there are different considerations when planning to live here for an extended period. Look for homes near other snowbirds during the height of the winter, typically during December and January. That will give you an idea of how busy things are in that area and if it fits in with your lifestyle. Plus, you can also look for amenities that matter most to you, like distance to grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment and other local amenities.

What’s Your Budget?

While a second, or at least a new, mortgage payment is what most people think about immediately when considering a winter home, there are also additional costs to keep in mind. That includes the taxes at your new home and travel costs between your home city and the Palm Beach area, not to mention the cost of furnishing both homes. Think about everything you’ll have to spend beyond just the monthly payment to the bank.

Will You Rent During the Off-Season?

There is no right answer here – it simply comes down to personal choice. Some snowbirds rent during the off-season to help offset their costs, while others want access to their home at all times. Think about if you want to rent when deciding on a home, as homes that are located near major metro areas will be easier to fill during the offseason.

If you need help weighing your options and finding different properties, the team at Leibowitz Realty Group is standing by to help. We’ve helped buyers from across the country find their perfect wintertime home, and we can help you, too. Get started by calling us today at 561-262-0721 or 561-262-0722.