Luxury Homes for Sale in FL

Interior design is a delicate art that can make or break the appeal and atmosphere of a space. The best decorating practices are going to be different for every property depending not only on personal taste, but also the size, style, and location of the house!

There are a lot of different approaches to take when it comes to decorating a waterfront property. While you do start off with an advantage in the gorgeous, tranquil view your home offers, it’s important to make the most of it with your interior design scheme. Keep these guidelines in mind as you transform your waterfront house into a comfortable, luxurious home!

Windows should be your focus.

Highlight the stunning views of the water your home has to offer by accentuating the windows in every room. Don’t block them with furniture or heavy or dark drapes. Stick with sheer curtains or none at all to take advantage of the natural light your location affords. Wooden shutters might also be a nice touch, to bring some of the serene ambiance of nature into your home!

Use furniture to direct the eye to the view.

Now that you’ve made your windows open and bright, furnish your home in inviting layouts that draw attention to them! Orient your large furniture pieces toward the window to keep the spotlight on the water. You always want your view to be easy to see. Position your bed toward the window and angle chairs and other features of the room in that direction.

Try arranging your couch so that it doesn’t necessarily face the window head on, but leave the armrest pointing toward it. This will help you avoid being too obvious about emphasizing your luscious exterior by naturally and subtly drawing focus to it.

Stick with a softer color palette.

Dark, rich, and jewel-toned colors can work in some spaces depending on the rest of the design scheme, but in a waterfront home you want to stay away from them. Choose softer colors for interior paint, furnishings, and décor so as not to overwhelm the senses. Compliment your opulent exterior by playing off of the natural colors that surround you.

Go with pale, sandy beiges, light greens, ocean blues, crisp white, and shades of pastel to keep your space feeling breezy. A few brighter or deeper tones can be used in the décor or fabric choices to make a space pop—just be careful not to overdo it!

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