Finding Luxury Homes For Sale In Palm BeachDo you live in Palm Beach and want to live like a celebrity or athlete or have always wanted to move there and find a nice, affordable luxury home? Well the opportunity does come along and there’s always a chance to grab to make it a reality.

Palm Beach is the epitome of Florida glamor. Like Miami, you might see someone famous at any time. Just recently major league pitcher Chris Carpenter happened to be living in Palm Beach. He decided to sell his Ballenisles Country Club four bedroom home with all the luxury trimmings for $625,000, which is a price that is relatively cheap in the Palm Beach luxury home market. So if you wanted to live where the celebrities go, why wouldn’t try to take the chance?

Especially with this news about the South Florida real estate market.

Traditional House Buying Is Making A Comeback

After 2008, Wall Street was buying up houses making it very hard for the home buyer to get in a bidding war for a house like Carpenter’s. But that is changing now and the hungry Wall Street hedge funds have satiated their appetite for the houses in places like Palm Beach, giving opportunity to those buyers with cash.Finding Luxury Homes For Sale In Palm Beach

So instead of renting from Gordon Gekko, become your own landlord to a beautiful home and let Leibowitz Realty Group help.

The New York Times refers to Palm Beach Gardens as one the "it" places to live.  With all of the sophistication of a larger city, the town of Palm Beach Gardens offers a calm, unpretentious, elegant, un-crowded lifestyle that so many have welcomed and decided to call home.

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(Source: Realtor)