Palm Beach GardensUnless you are a lover of the slopes, winter is a dreadful season for most people. Winter's long, cold, and just down right dreary days is depressing.

With little to no interaction with the outside world (and sunshine) due to frigid temperatures and piles of snow, it's no wonder you need a place in paradise.

The state of Florida has always been popular for those seeking reprieve from the cold and harsh winter, whether it be for a few months or the rest of their lives.

Even with as little as a week away, you can rejuvenate yourself and get the well-deserved fresh air of Florida during the winter months.

Palm Beach Gardens has absolutely gorgeous year-round weather. In the coldest months across the country in January and February, average temperatures in Palm Beach Gardens are in the upper sixties.

Anyone from the Northern states can appreciate a winter home that has sixty degrees in the winter months.

Year-round outdoor activities are available in Palm Beach Gardens. Golf courses are never frozen over and while the ocean water may be too chilly for swimming, you can certainly lounge on the beach. Don't forget the bike trails and outdoor dining too.

A much healthier lifestyle can be expected. Not only are you getting the fresh air and exercise, you are also provided fresh foods from the year-round markets and more plentiful assortments of seasonal produce.

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