Homes are selling like hotcakes in Palm Beach, Florida, with buyers lining up to be the first to bid on the hottest properties in the area. If you are currently selling your home or are looking into doing so, you should know that just because a market is hot does not mean that your home will be graced with a guaranteed sale.

Consider staging your home and improve your chances. Here are four reasons why home staging is especially vital in a booming real estate market.

Staging Sets Your Home Apart

As in any hot market, buyers are left with many options to spend their money on and after a while, homes have a way of looking a bit alike. Staging your home, however, can help make sure that your house has its best possible appeal and is showcased for potential buyers who tour your property. One of the best ways to make your home stand out is to use stage to give your property a look that will highlight its features and amenities, helping make it truly irresistible to prospective buyers.

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

 You may still be wondering why you need to take any extra effort to sell your house when buyers are already flocking to your door. Well, if your home is not properly staged, those customers may leave as soon as they came. One of the reasons is that staged homes give the potential buyer the impression that your house is move-in ready.

Homes that are clean and staged in such a way that they look easy to move into have a distinct advantage over other homes that are empty and may expose small faults or flaws that a would-be owner dislikes. Staging can often give the prospective buyer an idea of how they would want the house to look if they owned it, as well – reimagining your decorated space with their furniture or with their preferences in mind. If you already have them planning their new home as soon as they cross the threshold, then you’ve got them hooked!

It’s All in the Numbers

While many can try to debate the effectiveness of staging, no one can argue with the numbers. According to, staged homes sell an average of 70 percent faster than unstaged homes in any market. Plus, staged homes usually sell at a 10 percent higher price than their unstaged counterparts.

Attract Higher Quality Buyers

But the advantages of having a faster-moving sale and higher buying price aren’t all there is to staging. Additional studies have shown that the presentation of staged homes also attracts more top quality buyers, and they just show better, regardless of the temperature of the market. High-quality buyers already have their prospective home in mind and staging can help to give the impression that your home should be their home.

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