Considering the fact that the adjustment is often quite difficult, moving into a new home can be an extreme challenge – especially if you have young children. For one, choosing a new home is not the only thing you must decide on as a parent. There are plenty of other factors that should be taken into account when it comes to keeping your children’s best interest at heart, and their education is one of the most important. With the help of experts, we have collected a few tips on how to choose the best school in in the Palm Beach Gardens Area.

Begin your research for quality schools online. The web is a great resource for most anything and will serve as a great tool when it’s time to finding schools in your new district, as well as their rank and reviews. Once you have a list together, the National Center for Education Statistics website has data for each of those schools, and is a great site if you want to compare your favorite schools side by side.

Your real estate agent is also a great source when it comes to searching for the best school for your child. Your agent will be able to recommend the best school districts and information on local neighborhoods. Private schools have more leniencies on the boundaries if you decide on a location that is out of a school’s district range. If you are set on a great public school however, it would be in your best interest to have your real estate agent contact the school’s office and inquire if the school’s boundaries are subject to change.

Once you have decided on a couple options, make appointments to tour the schools. Staff, administration and teachers will be ready to meet with you and show what their educational facility has to offer for your child.


(Posted by: Miki Leibowitz of Leibowitz Realty)