Looking For A Luxury Condo? More Are On The Market!Great condominiums in Palm Beach County are hard to find, because until recently bank owned condos for purchase has decreased exponentially. But there is good news on the horizon now for those who are looking to purchase a condo in the Palm Beach Gardens area as the distressed market looks to be in the ending stages of the cleanup process from the 2007 real estate crash.

A little less than 500 Real Estate Owned (REO) properties are available now in Palm Beach, with more than 13,150 more units available in and listed around South Florida, according to statistics from the Southeast Florida MLXchange. Because of that, inside the overall condo resale market, bank owned units only makeup around 3.7 percent.

What Does That Mean For Someone In The Market For A Condo?

It means that it is a great time to buy a luxury condominium in Palm Beach Gardens! At Leibowitz Realty group has just the thing to help you find the condo you want. Looking For A Luxury Condo? More Are On The Market!

Leibowitz Realty Group’s ultimate goal is to help you find your dream home as quickly and effectively as possible. Because we are a family-owned firm, with boutique-style, we have the flexibility and luxury to customize our marketing plans to the unique needs of each of our clients!

Check out Our Listings page and browse the condos that are available, and then contact us when you are ready to visit any of the properties you see on our site.

(Source: MiamiHerald)