Luxury Bathroom Design Trends For 2016A bathroom is a place to for personal use, but it is also space where you can get creative with a design.

There was once a time when bathrooms were the color of cotton candy pink and baby blue hues, top to bottom wall colored tile, and vintage dangling light fixtures.

We are pleased to see that interior bathroom design has come a long way!

The year 2016 is placing much emphasis on unique bathroom design to suit the personal style of the owners and possible future owners.

The life of luxury can be played out in the bathroom. It is a space for peace, relaxation, and pampering.

Here are some luxury 2016 bathroom design trends that we are very excited about:

A walk-in shower: it used to be popular to have a tub and shower enclosed together, but that since has faded. Now, we are seeing many homes with a separate large walk-in shower with an oversized showerhead and a modern glass door entry. This type of shower provides the most invigorating of showering experiences.

Radiant heat flooring: no one likes to walk into a cold floor of a bathroom early in the morning. Walking on a perfectly warm floor is a great way to start the day and evokes a comforting appeal to the bathroom. A heated bathroom floor is the model example of luxurious.

Freestanding bath: as a symbol of architectural beauty, a freestanding claw bathroom or one with a unique shape, such as that of an oval, can completely change the look of the space. A sleek bathtub next to a floor-to-ceiling window is picture perfect for relaxation.

You will find many luxurious homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with beautiful bathrooms that embody luxury and tranquility with the upgrades mentioned above.

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