Palm Beach Architecture Firm Given A Prestigious Award For Stunning Custom Built HomeIt is not uncommon to see luxuriously grand homes being built by renowned designers in Palm Beach, Florida. As one of the most upscale places to live in the country, Palm Beach is known for its fascinating architecturally designed homes.

Home designer Mark Marsh has made a significant impact in Palm Beach with one of his firm's most beautiful of creations with a custom built home. The magnificent home was awarded the town's most prestigious architectural awards, the Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler award for new architecture.

Marsh, who is co-principal of Bridges, Marsh & Associates of Palm Beach, designed the Art Deco-influenced home for Tina Bilotti, art collector. The blueprints for the home were centered around showcasing the artist's love for contemporary art on a livable scale and layout.

The home, built symmetrically and in u-shape, has a main focus of the rear courtyard that leading to the extravagant swimming pool. The exterior boasts a smooth silhouette fit with blocks of French limestone and complete with stucco-infused elements. The sleek and crisp interior design is expansive for wall art decor.

There are plenty of remarkable homes custom built with unique, innovative, and hand-crafted designs in the Palm Beach area. If your dream is to own a home with grandeur and elegance, simplicity and stunning beauty, you will need a professional real estate team such as ours, to guide you through the process. By contacting Leibowitz Realty Group, we can show you homes that are architectural masterpieces.

(Source - PalmBeachDailyNews)