In the north parts of the county and in Palm Beach Gardens specifically, the area is booming. As of right now, there are as many as eight thousand homes and eight million square feet of office space are either approved or under review. With nearly 30 projects under construction, Palm Beach Gardens could grow as much as 40 percent in the next decade or more.

And a nationwide study was conducted of single-family homes purchased by major institutional investment funds. From Jan 2012 to Aug 2014 the study found that the South Florida area (Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach) was second in the United States with 12,952 home purchases. Those homes have gained a collective 31 percent in equity, or $611 million, according to RealtyTrac, who conducted the study. That means those who own these homes are becoming big sellers.

What Does All This Mean To Someone Entering Real Estate?

Now is the best time to enter the real estate market. With record low interest rates, great government incentives and prices at the most affordable levels we have seen in years, your dream home is truly in your grasp. Today's real estate market gives renters the opportunity to become homeowners with a payment they can live with and the best opportunity to upgrade to a luxury home in Palm Beach County.

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