The Perks Of Living Across From A Palm Beach Gardens Golf CoursePalm Beach Gardens was a hidden gem until recent years when it became a popular place to retire, raise a family, and truly enjoy life. Palm Beach Gardens is known for its beauty, serene atmosphere, laid-back lifestyle and outdoor recreation, including the beach and playing 18 holes on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.

Speaking of golf courses, there are 17 courses in Palm Beach Gardens. With lush greens, pristine landscaping, and luxurious country clubs, our golf courses are a must-see. In fact, imagine waking up each morning to that view. As you sip your morning coffee, listen to the birds and watch the beginning of day unfold, this can be yours when choosing to buy a house on a golf course.

Golf courses are a main focal point of life in Palm Beach Gardens. Many luxurious and grand homes are situated just at the edge of the course so that you can relish in the perks of golf course living with a safe distance between your home and the ball.

There are many reasons why you should consider living on one of Palm Beach Gardens golf courses and they go as follows: The Perks Of Living Across From A Palm Beach Gardens Golf Course

·         Tranquility - unlike many other sports, golf is quiet. You might hear a few noises, but generally you can reap as many benefits without noisy distractions.

·         Accessibility - you will be just a few feet away from the green and for avid players, this is a welcomed perk.

·         Plenty to see - as mentioned above, Palm Beach Gardens has some of the most stunning golf courses around. The views are mesmerizing and you'll get to see it every single day.

·         Added resale value - if you currently live on the course and are looking to sell, these types of homes are always popular in the real estate market for providing a quicker sale and higher profit.

·         It's just so relaxing - living on a golf course is like being on vacation 24/7. The atmosphere is so relaxing that arriving home at the end of a long day is like arriving in paradise.

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