A new year equals new beginnings and since the start of 2015 in January, Palm Beach has seen and will continue to see, changes in the real estate market.

Some might say the changes in market trends and current situations favor one side over the other, as in buyer as opposed to seller, but the whole picture needs thorough examination.

For instance, home values in Palm Beach had seen a decline, until now. Slowly, at a pace of 3 to 4 percent, home values are once again on the rise.Positive Changes For The Palm Beach Real Estate Market

When the market virtually crashed in 2009 and there was a surge in foreclosures, lenders made it extremely difficult for even those with a perfect credit score to obtain a mortgage. Now, as the real estate market is in a much healthier state, the demands of potential buyers are not nearly as strict.

Palm Beach is already known for its luxurious homes built from some of the best architects in the country and now, there will be more choices for buyers to choose from. Palm Beach Gardens has a versatile community of diverse, but absolutely stunning, homes. Due to the marked improvements in the market, buyers will have a larger selection of homes for sale.

These real estate changes for the Palm Beach Gardens area are good. All of the above serve a purpose for both buyer and seller who are looking to get the most for their money. As a desirable place to live, Palm Beach has much to offer its current and prospective residents. For professional real estate guidance, contact Leibowitz Realty Group today.