How To Prepare Your Home For SaleSpring time is approaching, this means that it is peak time for homes to begin going on the market. Are you thinking about selling your home in the near future?

If so, we have a few easy to follow tips in order to ensure foot traffic comes through your door and hopefully multiple offers as well!

Getting your home ready to sell does not happen over a few hours. It takes a bit of commitment to get everything ready. Remember that your home is competing against 20, 30 or even 100 in your price range.

You want your home to stand out amongst the others on your street or in your general neighborhood.

Everyone hears that “kitchens and bathrooms sell homes” if you turn on HGTV they say this phrase at least once an hour on any of those real estate shows, and this phrase is true. Get your kitchen ready by maybe painting or re-staining your cabinet doors. Investing in some new fancy hardware can be an easy investment to make.

Take a look at the walls in your home. You may love the dark blue in the guest room and the pink kitchen, but buyers may not have the same tastes as you do. Buying a few cans of paint for $100 can increase the potential of your home selling faster than those around you.

The next step is to clear out the clutter in your home. Your multi-purpose office, game room, yoga studio will not allow buyers to have a clear vision of what they can use this room for. You don’t want your home to look messy at all and detract buyers from seeing your homes full potential.

Lastly and finally, do that honey-do list that you have been putting off for weeks…dare we say years? This could be painting over a few scuff marks on the walls from where some furniture scratched them up, cleaning the windows, or fixing a leaking faucet in the basement.

Give buyers a great impression of your house by having it be ready to be sold. Get rid of anything distracting and take care of minor tasks that you have been meaning to touch for forever now.

Following these few tips will certainly help in getting your home sold fast and for a great price.

At Leibowitz Realty Group, we know the importance of preparing your home for buying or selling. If you are interested in entering the real estate market, now is the best time and we can help.


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