Vacation Home Security

When you leave your home unoccupied, whether it’s because you’re traveling, going out of town for a few days, or heading to your vacation home for a few months, it’s important to leave it safe and secure. If you have a luxury home as a second property, it’s even more crucial that you protect your investment.

Make sure you have the most effective security measures in place for both of your properties, so you can enjoy your luxury vacation home and return to your main residence knowing both houses are safe and sound year-round!

Install a security system you can monitor.

Video surveillance is a must in any property you’ll be leaving vacant for an extended period of time. Your security system will be far more effective though if you’re able to monitor the feed from anywhere.

Give yourself the peace of mind of being able to check in on your second home in real time and knowing you will be notified of any strange activity as soon as it happens.

Maintain the property so that it looks occupied.

Deter potential intruders and vandals from your vacant property by making it look lived-in when you’re not there. Outfit the exterior with motion-detecting lights that can also operate on an automatic timer, to keep your home well-lit and any lurking criminals exposed.

You should also be sure to forward your mail and, if your other residence is in a different state and you are unable to yourself, hire someone to keep up with yardwork and general exterior maintenance.

Rely on your community.

Enlist your neighbors and local police to check in on your home while you’re away. Leave a spare key with your neighbors and ask them to pop in every once in a while, or at least give them your number so they can alert you of anything suspicious.

You might also want to notify the police in your vacation town of the dates your home will be vacant, so they can patrol the area more frequently.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation home to escape to when the winter weather hits or just when life gets stressful, call Leibowitz Realty Group to help you find your ideal luxury home! Many of our Palm Beach properties feature advanced security systems already in place and are part of a secure, well-monitored gated community.

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