Your house is not simply just a house. At Leibowitz Realty Group, we know that your house is also an investment not just in the time you’ve spent living there and making it your own, but also of the capital that you’ve spent to maintain and improve it. If you’re looking to downsize, find a larger home or even move to a new city, it is important that you get the best possible value for your home before you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Palm Beach Real EstateSouthern Florida home values have held steady this summer, with the sale price of homes in the area have remained the same – hot, hot, hot! Median home values have increased 11 percent in Palm Beach County, reports the Sun Sentinel, as the area’s real estate market remains as hot as the summer sun.

This means that now is a perfect time to put your home on the market to get the greatest value for your property. A rebounding economy and boom in people looking to find retirement and wintertime homes in the area means that it’s truly a sellers’ market. At Leibowitz Realty Group, we know exactly how to market your house so you can connect the right buyer fast.

The Internet is a main vetting point for most buyers today, and we know that it is important to place appealing images and a virtual tour online. By adding great images of your home on popular property sites in addition to our website, you will expand your potential buyer pool and help more people find your home for sale. Email marketing is also important, and we will include your home in our weekly email marketing campaign to showcase your home. Our email campaign drives about 10,000 people to our site each week, and is a sure-fire way to give your home ample exposure.

We will also add your house to our website listings, which will allow it to be found by anyone searching for a new home in the area. Prospective buyers can search by price point, address and a range of other filters, like number of bedrooms, which means that someone looking for your four-bedroom house will find your property listed in their search results.

At Leibowitz Realty Group, we also have affiliations with This will give your home on the international market, not just the local market, and ensures that your elegant property can be found by anyone who is looking for a wonderful South Florida home – not just nationally, but from anywhere around the world.

We will also integrate your home into our social media, which includes postings on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media is an incredibly important part of a robust online presence. In this day and age, people look to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for information, so by highlighting your home on these networks, you further expand your property’s exposure.

However, offline marketing tactics are just as important as online tactics. We will hold weekly or biweekly open houses until your house is sold. We can also hold broker only open houses in addition to general population open houses, allowing other Realtors to see your property and offer it to their clients, as well. Leibowitz Realty Group also participates in the Multiple Listing Service, which is an important tool for brokers in Palm Beach County and throughout the country.


Come list your property with Leibowitz Realty Group and let us put our comprehensive marketing strategy to work for you. To get started with listing your home or to learn more, call us today at 561-262-0721 or 561-262-0722.