Luxury Home Sale Tips

Selling a luxury home is a whole different ballgame than ordinary real estate. The buyers, numbers, strategies, and properties are in a separate tier all their own. As a result, it often takes longer to sell a high-end property than an average one. If you go about it the right way though, strategically targeting and working to appeal to your more refined buyer pool, you’ll be able to pull off a quicker, and likely more lucrative, sale.

To help you out, our luxury real estate experts have put together a few tips to help speed things up!

Hire a luxury real estate agent.

Luxury real estate is a specialty market, which means not everyone is equipped to handle it. If you want to sell your home faster, it’s imperative that you work with a skilled and experienced luxury real estate agent in your locale. They’re the only ones who will truly know your buyer, how to draw them in, and understand the unique preparation and marketing needs of a high-end home.

Work with a professional home stager.

Home staging is an essential aspect of presenting the best version of your luxury home. A professional stager will have the skill and resources necessary to bring out your home’s top features, which will help buyers envision themselves in your space. Putting the idea of a luxury lifestyle in their head along with your luxury property will get them more emotionally invested—and more likely to buy quickly.

Use aerial photography.

Your online listing is your property’s first impression on buyers, and where most of them will decide whether or not it’s worth pursuing. Including aerial photographs of your home will make your listing stand out among the similar luxury homes vying for buyers’ attention. Plus, an aerial view will really show off the breadth of your property (this is especially advantageous if you have a waterfront home).

Price it right.

Listing your home for too high of a price is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make. If your price turns off buyers, your property will end up sitting on the market for longer. Then, as people see no one has been interested, they’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with your home. The right price, on the other hand, will make buyers want to snatch up the good deal on your luxury property before it’s gone.

Are you looking to facilitate a quick sale of your luxury home? Leibowitz Realty can help! Our agents have been maneuvering the luxury real estate market for buyers and sellers day in and day out for over two decades. With our connections, resources, and skill, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to sell your high-end Palm Beach County home faster or for a better price.

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