Top 5 Improvements You Can Make To Increase Your ROIAll the work that is done on your home should be factored into the return on the investment with the projects you are planning on doing.

The return on investment, or ROI, is a fundamental question every homeowner will face because it determines if the money you invested in projects will be paid back when the house sells.

Ultimately, a buyer is only willing to pay more for a project when the work and materials are of high quality. If you plan on living in the home forever, you more than likely will not worry about recouping any of the money you’ve spent upgrading the home.

However, if you ever plan on putting the house up on the market, it is wise to have a general idea of what your improvements might be worth.

Here are five projects that are worth the investment because you will see a return at the time of a sale:

Siding: having a home vinyl sided will give you a return on your investment. New siding makes a house look new and clean. Buyers of this generation are all of neat and tidy.

Kitchen: if it doesn’t look its very best or if it is not convenient, you will want to remodel. You will get more of your money back if you re-configure the layout for an open flow as well as adding upgrades such as recessed lighting, granite countertops, new wood cabinets, wide planked wood flooring or tile, backsplash, islands, and a deep sink.

Bathroom: a bathroom is a beautiful space where you can get creative. Tiled showers, soaker tubs, double vanities, wainscoting, pendant lighting, and a neutral delicate color are a few of what will impress buyers enough to want to pay more for a bathroom such as your remodeled one.

Deck addition: an outdoor entertaining and relaxing space is a homeowners dream. Wood does require more maintenance, but it certainly gives it an authentic feel. Composite will definitely last longer and is very easy to maintain. Both options, however, look wonderful.

Additional living space: any time you can add a room to your home, you will be far into the black at the time of a sale. People pay more for an enlarged home and one with an added bathroom, bedroom, or attached sunroom is a great idea.

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