The real estate market is one industry that does not remain stagnant for too long. Housing trends change frequently and in order to keep up with the times to get the most house for your money or for making the biggest profit on a sale, you need to stay in the know.

2015 has a lot in store for buyers and sellers of real estate. This may be the year for you to work with a professional real estate agent to either buy the home of your dream or move onto big and better.

One of the best ways to guarantee a successful real estate transaction is by keeping up with the trends of the market.

Top 5 Real Estate Tips For 2015We have compiled a list of the 2015 top 5 real estate tips for your convenience:

1.      As a seller, pay attention to the littlest details. IF you want to attract potential buyers, look at the outside of your home. Cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, clearing the leaves and sticks will help to make the best first impression, and before the front door is even opened.

2.      For the buyer, take note of everything. As you begin viewing houses, your mind will forget all of the details pertaining to each property that you either liked or didn’t. Keep a notebook handy and record your likes/dislikes, price, taxes, etc.

3.      Refrain from making large purchases prior to buying a new home. Lenders compare your debt-to-income ratio to determine the mortgage amount you can afford. Even if they funds are available to make payments, hold back on things like buying a new car or opening a credit card (store related credit cards are the worst).

4.      Price it right. Some agents believe in starting out pricing high and working your way down if necessary. This method has very little success to it. Over-pricing a home can be a turn off (especially when a buyer does their comparable homework), and selling too low can de-value and lower the seller’s profits.

5.      Become an expert witness in the area you’re looking to buy. Scour not only the neighborhood, but also the town. Too many homes for sale in a good market, rundown and abandoned commercial properties, and frequent rental homes are signs of a struggling area. Good signs include top rated local schools, community preservation, re-development commercial properties and quick sales for available homes.

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