Although we know the market is improving and homes are selling, don't take our word for it.

An optimistic excerpt from an interview yesterday on CNBC with Warren Buffet (owner of Berkshire Hathaway) and his POSITIVE PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE REAL ESTATE MARKET...

Buffet says, "The mortgage terms you can get now you may not see mortgage terms like this three years from now or five years from now. And you change interest rates by a few hundred basis points and that changes the cost of a house to you by a dramatic amount for— if you're going to pay out— pay for it over 30 years. So I personally think that in most parts of the country, not all parts of the country, but in most parts of the country that if I were— if I were looking to buy a house, if I were renting now and I had the down payment and I had a job I was comfortable with, I would buy a house in a minute, I'd get a 30-year loan”.

He also bullishly predicts that construction will come back by the end of 2011 and that will not only help real estate but jobs and the unemployment numbers.  It is all good for real estate and all good for the economy and clear motivation that if you are in the position to buy a home and invest in real estate for your future, NOW IS THE TIME!

View the entire Part 3 of Warren Buffet's interview regarding real estate in the video below.