Waterfront Property for Sale in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Choosing where to buy your home and settle your family is one of the biggest decisions you’ll face throughout the course of life. Allow us to ease your mind by explaining why a home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is the ideal choice. 

The Weather

While it may seem predictable to suggest moving to Palm Beach for the weather, consider why it became that way. Palm Beach County has the advantage of a large gulf stream flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. This keeps the waters warm and sparkling blue year-round, benefiting the nearly 50-mile shoreline of white sand beaches they have to offer residents and visitors. The gulf stream also keeps the winters mild and the evenings cool. In fact, it hasn’t snowed in South Florida since 1977.

Accessible Airport

The Palm Beach International Airport is a convenient, passenger-friendly option for international and domestic travel for both business and leisure. It’s small enough that it’s easy to navigate, but large enough that you’ll have no trouble finding a reliable airline to take you to your desired destination.

Excellent School System

West Palm Beach County alone has 185 schools, making it the twelfth largest school system in the entire country. With an array of options for elementary, middle and high school, both public and private, you can be rest assured your child’s education will be well taken care of. Additionally, Palm Beach Gardens boasts a considerable proximity to two Top 50 universities—The University of Miami in Coral Gables, and the University of Florida in Gainesville. There are also a number of other community, private, and public colleges from which to choose.

“Florida’s Golf Capital”

Some refer to Palm Beach Florida as the “golf capital of the world”, and some the “golf capital of Florida.” No matter what you call it there can be no dispute; if you like to golf, Palm Beach is the place to be. Just ask Tiger Woods, one of their residents. The county counts over 160 golf courses in their repertoire, and the most serious courses reside right in Palm Beach Gardens. The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) has its headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens as well, making it a year-round hot spot for different events and tournaments. If you need your golf fix, Palm Beach is the place to be.

The Rich Culture

For those looking to fill their time with cultural enrichment, you’ll find yourself with plenty of opportunities in Palm Beach, Florida. The county consists of many historical districts, is home to the famous Historical Society, and makes considerable efforts toward overall historical preservation. Check out some of the best art museums or witness live art yourself at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts, where you can catch a concert, play, ballet, opera and many other performances. After you hit the theater, head to one of Palm Beach’s many versatile and quality restaurants to fulfill any kind of craving you may have. Art or history not your thing? Look out for the Palm Beach International Boat Show, one of the top five boat shows in the nation.

In Palm Beach Gardens, there’s something for everyone. The welcoming culture and community will make you feel right at home, and Leibowitz Realty Group will make sure you have a place to fit right in.