Before it even comes down to scheduling a private visit or attending an open house, most potential buyers are going to judge your home solely on the pictures that are provided online. You may think to yourself, well the pictures are just there to give them a general idea – they’re sure to fall in love with the space once they see it in person. In reality however, you’re hardly ever going to get anyone interested in making a trip out to your home unless your pictures provide them with some type of incentive to begin with.

Recently, a case study was conducted by real estate photography company, IMOTO that compared 350 listings that used professional photography to 350 similar listings in the same zip code that didn’t. In the end it was found that those homes that were professional photographed sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the asking price than those that were not. Additionally, one real estate agency that listed homes photographed by IMOTO reported that those listings were viewed 118% more than others.

The only key to getting results like this however is ensuring that you hire a quality, specialized real estate photographer. Here are a few great tips on how to find the right professional:

View Online Portfolios – Most every professional photographer will have a portfolio available online. Browse through a few that are located in your area and narrow down you list to those whose style you really like. When calling those few, be sure to ask what kind of equipment and software they use. Not only is it important to hire someone with a full-frame camera, but having the right editing software to help enhance the pictures can make all the difference.

Small Bathroom Test – This particular room is very difficult to photograph in a way that shows the true value of the space. A quality photographer will have photos of a small bathroom featured in their portfolio to show that they are fully capable of showcasing even the smallest room in a positive light.

Get the Photos You Need – One of the most important pictures you will need when putting your home on the market is the exterior, as this will be the shot that is featured on most search engines. After that, your photographer should capture photos of a few of the most prominent rooms in your home, such as the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, as well as small spaces and any unique details. Make sure that you hire a photographer who recognizes the aforementioned as key elements.

Of course, you can always ask your real estate agent if he has any recommendations for quality, trustworthy real estate photographers. Chances are, they’ve worked with a few in the past and can point you in the right direction.


Posted by: Miki Leibowitz of Leibowitz Realty)